1260172975389404.jpg1.INSTANT REPLY -- Any inquiry from anytime, anywhere, and any customer, will be replied instantly, completely, and considerately within 8-12 hours, no matter working day or holiday,

2.ONE-STATION-SHOP   PURCHASING -- with the world advanced technology applying on the environmental protective product, with the complete crystallized glass panel series, and with our professional, experienced, and kindly considerate staff, we offer the ONE-STATION-SHOP purchasing service, let our customers to get the right material for the right project or right customers at the first time, enjoying the first class purchase pleasure,

img_smain01.gif3.QUALITY CONTROL -- Not only from every processing step we control the product's both chemical and physical characteristics, as you could see in QUALITY ASSURANCE section, but also, we thoroughly inpect again the whole container cargo and package before loading, take full range photos of cargo, empty container, half-loaded & full-loaded container with seal number, then send to customer within the following day at the latest,

7.gif4.REASONABLE PRICE AND LOW PROFIT MARGIN PRINCIPLE -- our tenet is to improve people's decoration circumstance, and offer as more as possible friends with these environmental protective material series, so, low profit margin but more possible friends in the world will be our first principle,

5.HONEST PRINCIPLE -- this is the most important principle for our long term business running, no matter experienced or new client, no matter quality, application or price, from every word communication to every action details, we base on the honest principle,

6.CONSIDERATE ON EVERY STEP -- from first inquiry, to finally confirm the item, size, packing, weight, volume; from place order, to arrange production, fumigate wooden crate, from booking space, to loading container, customs clearing, making documents, we will take every step correctly, surely and considerately,

04.gif7.AFTER SALES SERVICE -- we will take our responsibility bravely after sales, regard good after sales service as the basic principle which lead our life to continue, although we will remind our customer every notes which are worth to pay more attention on before deal, we have widely cooperation with factories of installation and maintaining of all these!